All about the ‘F’ Word.

The infertility journey can be lonely. But slowly, conversations are opening up around the subject in the hope that eventually, stigma around this topic will end. Data shows that one in four couples in developing countries is affected by infertility and that the overall burden of infertility in women from 190 countries has remained similar in estimated levels and trends. It is time to talk about this.

Silver Linings: Positives of a pandemic.

In the second part of Silver Linings, a series that seeks to highlight the positives around #Covid19, Distory spoke to an entrepreneur who is taking risks when everyone else is looking away.
Here is the @tracytasties story. Their journey of setting up a business in the middle of a pandemic and most importantly choosing to see a silver lining where many see none.

When a Child dies.

Since January, 60 children have taken their own lives, translating to around 7 minors every month. To put it into perspective, every week, two families somewhere in Kenya bury a child. For authorities, these numbers might look like part of unfortunate statistics in the growth and development of a nation. But for families, the suicides of their children open up wounds that may never heal.

Silver Linings: Positives of a pandemic.

Silver Linings is a series of stories of resilience in the middle of a pandemic. What’s your silver lining? You might just start the spark that the person next to you needs to get going again after the pandemic. In the first part, Distory spoke to a mother who tested positive for the disease. This is her story.

Life in colour: Katarikawe’s master strokes

Each time he moved a brush across an empty canvas a new word came into existence. Each time he gently rubbed off a rough edge, a new entry was made in his dictionary. He was not a prodigy and did not claim the fame that came with such a tag. A routine visit to church in his mid-20s unleashed the suppressed artist in him.