When Fire Pushed Somaliland To The Brink Of Destruction.

But if you look into the eyes of the people who came to Waheen every day in search of a better life, you can also see focus. You can see the light of their souls pushing against the darkness. You can hear determination in every word they speak. If you sit still enough in the debris, you will hear the small still voice of belief and courage will stretch its arm and tap your shoulder to remind you of the endearing human spirit.

Without A Trace

The Form Three teenager told anyone who cared to listen of her dreams. Then she disappeared. Did she run or was she taken?

All about the ‘F’ Word.

The infertility journey can be lonely. But slowly, conversations are opening up around the subject in the hope that eventually, stigma around this topic will end. Data shows that one in four couples in developing countries is affected by infertility and that the overall burden of infertility in women from 190 countries has remained similar in estimated levels and trends. It is time to talk about this.

Luck, bravery and a pinch of debauchery.

Soon after, in 1901, the Jewish population in Kenya grew by 100 per cent. No one had foreseen such an event, and there were some fears among the resident communities that there would be a strain on the existing resources. In the middle of that year, Michael Harrtz arrived in Nairobi. The known Jewish population stood at two individuals.

OBITUARY: Nicholas Bett’s fastest lap

There was Bett. Put on Lane 9 which is one of the worst for athletes because without competition on both sides one might easily be ran out of the race, starting like a thoroughbred off the blocks. Focused only on one thing, the gold at the end of the 400m hurdles rainbow. He took the first hurdle with flawless ease. Chest puffed out.

WALIBORA: Death and social injustice

To write about the brutal death of this literary giant is to return to the poignant themes published in the dozens of his best-selling books. The tragedy of his death, shows that, despite the millions of words he wrote and spoke all his life, the socio-economic flops visible in this part of the world keep stalking everyone, including all those who speak against it.

Life in colour: Katarikawe’s master strokes

Each time he moved a brush across an empty canvas a new word came into existence. Each time he gently rubbed off a rough edge, a new entry was made in his dictionary. He was not a prodigy and did not claim the fame that came with such a tag. A routine visit to church in his mid-20s unleashed the suppressed artist in him.

Sixteen, Alone And Widowed.

Existence in Nairobi’s Mathare Valley is a combination of dreams and nightmares. As a young girl, she had believed in the infinite possibilities of the world. She believed everything that her youth spoke to. That she could be anything she set out to be. Unknown to her, the system had been rigged against her from the moment her mother gave birth to her.

Silver Linings: Positives of a pandemic.

Silver Linings is a series of stories of resilience in the middle of a pandemic. What’s your silver lining? You might just start the spark that the person next to you needs to get going again after the pandemic. In the first part, Distory spoke to a mother who tested positive for the disease. This is her story.


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Widowed At 16

Alive but alone.

Positives of a silver lining Podcast:
The Faith Kariuki Story

The worst thing that a mother can go through is watch their baby battle for breath. Here’s the audio version of a mother and her Covid19 experience.


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When youth shun crime for peace

  For many decades, the youth in Kenya have been vulnerable to many risks. Every year, different risk factors push them to a life of crime, slowly taking them away…

Healthcare as a human right

Have you ever wondered how the devolution of healthcare has affected service delivery across the country? Well, we visited Mombasa County, to find out what the people think of the healthcare offered by the county government.

Boda boda ride
SPONSORED: Running from crime.

For six months beginning April 2019, Pamoja for Transformation implemented a 6-month pilot project on social transformation in two parts of the country where youths remain at great risk of getting sucked into lives of crime. Distory was at hand to document these changes.


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