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Our documentation services heavily rely on our key quality of unique and human-centered storytelling. Distory goes beyond the how, why, where and who of basic narration. We dig deeper to understand the true value of our client’s project to the beneficiaries. We take time to go to the field and gather the most unique impact success stories. This helps clients truly understand how their projects is received by their host community, to know what works and what doesn’t work.

While observing strict guidelines and specific house styles, we package our documentation not just for internal communication. Through booklets and coffee table souvenir books, we make sure your project communicates to the donor community as well as the project beneficiaries.

In all documentation assignments, Distory interlaces from field trips with unique points of view from program owners to ensure ownership and generate a sense of pride within the commissioning organization.

Internal Communication

Our history within the communication space has over the years opened us up to the internal communication processes of both local and international companies. This experience has taught us that the impact of external communication between a company and its external audience is only as good as its internal communication process.

In this way, Distory has also opened up internal channels of communication for companies through the creation and management of newsletters and blogs that will have staff communicate amongst themselves. The content of these newsletters is varied but geared towards giving a sneak peek of who employees are at work and outside work. Effective newsletters foster bonds between family members and are a key source of internal pride.

Legacy Storytelling

Distory respects the place of history in determining the future. It is impossible for any organization to talk about a future without referencing to its past. We believe that every organization has a story to tell… and we tell it in an honest, interesting and refreshing way that still maintains the tenets of journalism-accuracy, facts, communication.

We understand the place of legacy in the African society within which we are head quartered and do not shy away from helping organizations revel in the shade of their illustrious past. Through film, print and web, we help organizations hold on to the past and make it relevant to the fast approaching future.

Filming & Photography

We are both storytellers and communicators at heart. Distory employs the best
equipment in filming and photography to make sure that clients receive the best quality of work possible at competitive rates.

Our filming not only focuses on the imagery, but also focuses on powerful scripts for our documentary productions. Distory also boasts of having some of the best voice over artists in the industry under its stable, ensuring quality control from the start to the end of any filming project.

Multimedia Storytelling

The world is fast evolving. We are well aware of what it takes for organizations to tell their stories in new ways that appeal to new audiences. At Distory, we are fluent in new languages in the world of multimedia storytelling.

Distory, through its studios has helped organizations generate content for several multimedia platforms such as: Podcasting, Pageflow, Short Hand


With more than a decade of experience in the communication sector, Distory offers training opportunities to its clients on an array of communication needs. These include but are not limited to:

– Spokesperson training: The dos and don’ts when engaging media.
– Training of Community Based Organisations: We train CBOs affiliated to your organization on media engagement and their own story telling at micro level.
– Beneficiary communication: We engage project beneficiaries on how to engage with media. The dos and don’t’s when talking about projects affiliated to your organization.
– OpEd: We train key staff on OpEd writing and on pitching to newsrooms.
-Multimedia: We train key staff on multimedia tools for the web such as Pageflow and Shorthand.


Our design team has had years of experience in conceptualizing, designing and branding of communication material such as brochures, calendars, pamphlets and other items geared towards an organization’s communication need.

Social Media Management

Distory’s internal Social Media Strategist has worked with organisations such as the United Nation as well as the Intergovernmental Authority on Development on developing fully functioning social media strategies that have worked in amplifying their online brand value and presence.

We take a keen interest in making sure you’re your communication is all round and all possible audiences are reached. This strategy too, like all else at the centre of our company, will heavily lean on our unique storytelling.

Crisis Management

The life cycle of an organization is never linear. We help you deal with the unexpected turns that will threaten to disrupt the normal operations of your company. Our extensive media network is crucial in securing your brand reputation and assure stakeholders both internally and externally.

Media Management

As a trusted brand, we have worked with media houses across both local and international media to tell stories that matter to the world. Organizations across the continent rely on us to deliver their message to the right audience.