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Distory is a data-driven dynamic communications company with a vision to
improve people’s lives by informing and educating them about social issues
through good storytelling.


We help clients generate content that resonates with their audiences to not only improve brand loyalty, but to communicate key goals and achievements too. We pride ourselves with creating communication concepts, designing messaging campaigns and identifying key communication channels that will help you access timeless content cutting across multiple platforms.

Our services


We understands how important documentation is for organizations. As a result, we come up with concepts around the documentation of such projects to illustrate the successes that each project has achieved.

Multimedia storytelling

Through innovation, constant research and internal training, our skilled team is at the forefront of cutting edged advances in multimedia publishing.

Filming, Illustration and Photography

Communication cannot be complete without the use of illustration. Distory uses the best production equipment to make sure your stories come to life.


In our quest to improve lives, we are aware of the inimitable power of partnerships. We know that combined synergies, in some instances, is always better than going it alone.

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